"Bringing Excellence Through Music"
"Bringing Excellence Through Music"
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"Music In Motion" offers your child an opportunity to learn and develop their musical talents. Our program is designed to enrich each child. We expose the children to an array of musical instruments, singing, and musical cultures. We have so much fun in our exciting "Music In Motion" classes! Your child will learn rhythm as they dance and play to the beat of music. Your child's coordination will improve as we provide opportunities for them to express themselves through "Music In Motion."

The best part about all of this is, we provide this service right at your child's participating daycare, preschool, and/or homeschool. That's right, we bring all of the instruments and music to the classroom. When we're done, we clean up just like we found it. Each class is structured according to the ages of the children and will last 30-60 minutes.
Music provides a healthy, natural and invaluable opportunity for individual expression while encouraging the development of the whole child, enhancing cognitive, social, physical and emotional skills. Hands-on participation in music seems to train the brain for higher-order thinking. Children who miss out on the fun of playing music may also miss opportunities to establish critical development.

Playing music can develop a child in many areas:

•promotes gross and fine motor development
•increases didactic participation
•teaches the value of achieving goals
•cultivates concentration and focused listening
•fosters early vocal development and enhanced social abilities
•inspires self-sufficiency and appreciation for teamwork
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